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Standing Rock


Standing Rock (Water Is Life) – Joshua Hales, produced by Sista Habesha & Inner Standing Sound

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Brand new from Joshua Hales, Sista Habesha and the Inner Standing Studio…. 3 Special dub plate mixes made for heavyweight Sound Systems…. Included are the vocal, the vocal dub, and the instrumental mix!!! Fulljoy and play loud and clear!!!

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We are honored to present this song in homage to the Water Protectors and Indigenous Defenders at Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota, USA. More strength to the ones who are putting their lives on the line to physically stand up to the oil industry in an effort to halt the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. This project will destroy countless watersheds and will surely leak large amounts of chemicals into the environment and we are thankful for the efforts to halt its construction. Furthermore we recall that this land was stolen by acts of war and political manipulation and proclaim that all so called “property rights” and treaties or agreements (broken or upheld) regarding American land are invalid under natural law. We submit that the indigenous and those who are advocating for management plans that honor the health of ecosystems and the long term effects on humanity are the true “Rights” holders when it comes to decisions of how to use the land… In reverence for the sacred providence of our home on earth…. In honor of the ancestors who proceeded us on this journey…. In opposition to those who oppress people, destroy life, and pollute water for selfish material gain…. In livication to the protection and upliftment of the future generations…. In alignment with principles and values that nurture and support life…. The struggle for spiritual, mental and physical sovereignty continues…. Standing Rock We Stand With You!!!!


Vocals and vocal mix by Joshua Hales

Riddim by Habesha & Peter Lionheart

Mixed by Peter Lionheart at Inner Standing Studio, Oakland CA USA

Master by Beat Nok at Alokin Music, Oakland CA USA

Lyrics by Joshua Hales

Hook Lyrics by Peter Lionheart




they are the original americans

who greeted with love european immigrants

and welcomed you onto this land

look how you repay them

is this how we repay them. (INTRO HOOK repeats twice)


like a standing rock

i stand with you

truly indigenous

we are the earth too

water is life

it flows within you

this fight for truth and rights

must continue. (HOOK repeats twice)


people of standing rock we are standing with you

the whole world is watching them wage war against you

and as i fight back these tears i believe that

we shall overcome them the great spirit is on our side

and to the sheriff man do you call your self american

when you are waging a war against your fellow citizens

and then you’re lying to the media to justify your action

we see right thru dat you’re losing your traction

you trespass on native land man you must be brave

with your firehose and sound cannon and teargas grenade

are you ready for the response

you don’t want to mess wit these ones

willing to bear the elements of the seasons




fists in the air for a reason

as they spray water on them when its freezing

we don’t want a pipeline

because its leaking

they have no respect for the elders so teach them

with our fists in the air for a purpose

bringing mad emotion to the surface

and as the people come together in unity

the corporate political getting nervous




the wisdom of the elders

has stood the test of time

if we had stepped lightly upon the earth

all would be fine

the great spirit dwells within

the center of the universe

and that center is really within each one of us




Hear me I am small and weak

I need your strength and wisdom

Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset

Make my hands respect the things you have made

and my ears sharp to hear your voice

Make me wise so that I may understand the things you have taught my people

Let me learn the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock I seek strength,

not to be greater to my brother but to fight my greatest enemy –


Make me always ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes

so when life fades,

as the fading sunset

my spirit will come to you without shame

Standing Rock
I Stand With You

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