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Inner Standing Sound Dubplate Sample Pack # 1


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All songs are collaborations between Inner Standing Sound, the producers, and the artists. All proceeds from sales will be used to recoup costs for preexisting agreements or will be shared in thirds with the producer, the singer, and the sound. We see this format of release as a great opportunity to share the works, generate some strength for the singers and players, and make connections with livicated sound men and women across the globe… We give thanks for the support and strength.

The general price for dubs is 15 Euros per mix with a minimum of 2 mixes. Mixes 3- 7 if they exist are 12 euros per mix. In order to not undermine producer dubplate pricing some tunes have higher prices as specified in the following list.

By purchasing a dubplate you are entering into a spiritual and legal agreement to…

  1. 1) Honor the effort to create high quality music by playing the songs through proper systems, tuning the songs when playing for ideal sonic expression, and not compressing the files.
  2. 2) Present the music with respect and honor in a positive and uplifting manner.
  3. 3) NOT share the files with anyone. By breaking this agreement and giving the music away (whether intentional or not) one is agreeing to release the tune and is taking responsibility to pay the artist and producer what they see fit for its release. This is not a joke and we expect ones to take this seriously and to inform us if they know of people pirate sharing the music.

If ones are interested in releasing any of these tunes on a vinyl or other formats please get in touch and we see what can be worked out…

If you would like to purchase any of the dubs please send an email with your order to…

Inner Standing Sample Pack 1

1 – Forgive Us Luv Fyah Crucial Alphonso ISS Vox 1 (4 mixes)

2 – RIVER JORDAN Fikir Amlak Ital Shash ISS Vocal 1 (2 mixes, 2 Inst. Mixes)

3 – MOUNTAINTOP – Nasambu Genie Brizion ISS Vocal-01 (3 mixes, 2 Inst. Mixes)

4 – THIRD EYE Chaddy Royal Idavid ISS Voc 1 (3 mixes)

5 – Stand Tall – Luv Fyah Rebel Steppa ISS (2 mixes)

6 – Good Day Mykal Somer KING ALPHA ISS VOX 1 (3 mixes) (30 euro per mix, no discount on 3rd mix)

8 – It’s Working – Mykal Somer Violinbwoy ISS VOX 1 (2 mixes)

7 – Life Over Death RMX – Ras Amlak Brizion ISS (2 mixes, 5 Inst. Mixes)

9 – REALRASTA VOX Messenjah Selah Kulcha Knox KING ALPHA ISSS (3 mixes) (30 euro per mix, no discount on 3rd mix)

10 – Love and affection – Fikir Amlak Haspar ISS VOX 1 (2 mixes)

11 – Haile Aile Iley Fikir Amlak Simba Sounds ISS VOX 1 (2 mixes)

12 – Iyah Pray RMX – Joshua Hales Habesha ISS Voc 1 (7 mixes)

13 – Half Of The Story Binghi Ghost Brizion ISS Voc 1 (3 mixes, 3 Inst. Mixes) (Holographic Universe Riddim)

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