Inner Standing Sound System

But Shaka’s message was not only a consolation to the African community, as it resonated with all people facing inequity and striving for better. Jags of APS US Sound, recalled, “a lot of Indian youths go to the dances… because them and their parents went through the racial struggles of the UK, victimization, police brutality, racism… there was always something about listening to Jah Shaka play; everything just seemed to be better when you came out of the dance.”

Well known for his heavy Sound, Shaka also produced a lot of music, and had a plethora of exclusive dubplate mixes from the premier studios of the day. He was known for playing music with an intense and driving feel, selecting countless experimental takes of one riddim, fully exploring Dub’s potential. As the dancehall style with its sexual and materialistic focus became the dominant force in the music, most Sounds stopped playing Roots music. Shaka, however, “almost single handedly carried the Roots Sound System torch through a period of very low popularity in the 80’s & provided a model/blueprint/inspiration for many who became active in the 90’s, 00’s and beyond…” (Ryan Moore – Twilight Circus)

Dub Station

Beginning in Paris in 2007, Dub Station has become the premier brand of Dub Sound System events in mainland Europe. Consistently drawing large and enthusiastic crowds, Dub Station has been a truly inspiring testament to the popularity and potential of Reggae Sound System events. Put on by the Musical Riot crew, the success has led it to expand to continuing events in Marseille, Nantes, Tolouse, Rennes and the Garance Reggae Festival in France, and to Barcelona and the Rototom Sunsplash in Spain. Through their events, Dub Station has been able to book many of the UK and Europes well known, as well as up and coming, roots and dub artists including Sound Systems Jah Shaka, Channel One, Aba Shanti I, King Shiloh, Jah Tubby’s, King Earthquake, Jah Voice, King Alpha, Word Sound & Power, Mighty Tabot, Iration Steppas, Stand High Patrol, Ma Kaya, Dawa Hi Fi, OBF; Dub producers including The Disciples, Twilight Circus, Jonah Dan, Black Redemption (US), Jacin, Vibronics, Keety Roots, Dubkasm, Bush Chemists, Slimmah Sound, Dub Creator, Gussie P, and Alpha & Omega; and Singers including Tena Stelin, Afrikan Simba, Christine Miller, Kenny Knotts, Sister Rasheda, and more…

Jah Observer Dub Station

Jah Observer selecting tunes at Dub Station Garance 2010 – (JB of Dub Livity Sound System)

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