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Bredren Skanking Dub School

Bredren Skanking in front of King Alpha’s Stack at Dub School March 2010 – (Peter Lionheart – Lionheart Sounds)

For some, the state of Reggae music in 2011 can seem somewhat shocking and depressing. Declining sales, low attendance at shows, and lowered musical quality and consciousness, all contribute to doubt about Reggae’s future. Yet as a lover, collector, and promoter of Roots music and its deep spirituality, when I observe the current Roots and Dub Sound System scene, I see Reggae music truly thriving with a bright future ahead. Although in the US the scene is small and just starting to build, the potential here is great. With time it can only get bigger. Ultimately it is about awareness of the distinct power and vibe that Sound Systems bring to the music. I hope that more people will take the time to look into it, take a trip over to Europe, and make it to one of the USA Roots Reggae Dub Expo events, where they can feel the power of the sound and embrace the dread consciousness of the vibrations. In the words of Andy G, Oakland based selector, “It really has to be experienced, and once it has, there is no going back.”

Peter Lionheart of Lionheart Sounds has been deeply engaged with Reggae music and its message of uplift-ment and redemption since the late 90’s. Beginning on the radio at KZSC in 2001, over the past ten years Lionheart Sounds has played and promoted numerous shows, and put out 20 sought after modern Roots mixtapes with distinct selections, musical flow, and message. Look out in the future for a series of vintage Roots mixtapes, some heavy productions, and a custom Sound System being built to share the sonic and spiritual power of roots music with the Bay Area and Northern California… http://www.lionheartsounds.com

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